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Had a great day at DDD9 on Saturday. Five of us went from our dev team and we met lots of friends while there.

There were six slots this time instead of the usual 5, with a choice of 4 sessions per slot. Even then some of the decisions on what to see were a bit difficult.

Below is a quick summary of my top highlights for the day.

.Net Collections Deep dive by Gary Short

This was pretty awesome. Despite reading C# 2009 and the .Net 4.0 platform over a period of six months last year (before the update for 2010 was released), it still amazes me the stuff I don’t know about the framework. Gary skimmed through the varieties of collections, i.e List<T>, Dictionary<Tkey,Tvalue) etc, including ones I didn’t know about, i.e. LinkedList<T> and then onto the thread-safe collections.

During this the topic focused on pros and cons of each class as well as performance tips. I think I’ll have to do a post on the highlights of that alone.

From .Net to Rails, A Developer’s Story by Colin Gemmell

Colin said he went from the Alt.Net community to Rails, not for the usual reasons, but because of an opportunity. He then explained how he managed to transition from one to the other, changing toolsets and how misconceptions caught him out. It was very informative for someone with next-to-no-knowledge of rails

A Primer to Raven DD by Rob Ashton

Raven DB is a document or object database written specifically for .Net. I have previously seen Ayende talk about it before at skillsmatters events, but this session reminded me how much I wanted to have a play with Raven DB at some point. It’s so easy to get going with it - it builds temp indexes on the fly and promotes them to automatic (persisted) if used often enough. And as well as a fairly straight-forward web-based interface you can do pretty much everything through code; i.e. writing indexes in C# - how awesome is that?

There were many other interesting sessions, not all of which I managed to see but I’m hoping others will grok what they’ve seen and I’ll be able to get even more out of a very valuable day.